Why football is called Soccer in the US (United States)

Hello friends, Football is a popular game played all over the world, but a question must be arising in your mind that Why football is called Soccer in the US (United States), then after reading this article you will be able to answer this question. Will get the answer.

Football is such a world famous and popular game about which there would be hardly any person who is unaware of this game. This game is known by different names all over the world.

The popularity of football is in different countries of the world including Egypt, Spain, Brazil, America, Greenland, China, Japan, India and Europe.

What is Meaning Of Soccer :

The word soccer was invented in England. Two games of football are popular in England. One rugby football and the other association football. The trend of rugby football gradually became rager and in this way association football came to be called ‘Assoc’. Due to the difficulty in speaking the word ‘Assoc’, gradually this word took the form of soccer.

Why football is called Soccer in the US (United States)

When the term association football reached North America, gridiron football was already popular there. But to avoid any kind of confusion, American football lovers also accepted to call football as soccer.

History of Soccer/ Football :

There are 11 players in football, any part of the body can be used to play football, but do you know that the real name of football was Association football.

Association football was named in 1863 AD when the rules of football were modified, the word association was added so that it could be distinguished from other sports such as rugby football American football etc. So friends, the real name of football is Association football and not football.

The first football club, Sheffield football club, was formed in England in 1857 and the oldest name for football was Harpston, a Greek name. “Soccer” Most of you would be confused between soccer and football. So let’s clear this confusion first.

Soccer is a shortened form of Association football, just as we call rugby football rugby, rugby union, rugby league, similarly football is called soccer in England and Europe. Before 1980, football was called Soccer in most of the countries, later it became popular with the name Football, the word Football is used in Europe, while it is called Soccer in South American countries and America.

What is different between Soccer and Football :

What is the difference between football and soccer, if this question is asked to anyone, then probably most of the people will get confused. Because football and soccer are not different games then again the question arises if not different games then why the name is different? So let’s know about it and also remove the confusion that why football in America is known as soccer.

Why Americans Say Soccer Instead of Football:

There is confusion among many people about whether football and soccer are the same game or different. How this confusion started, it is said that in the early 1800s, Britain’s universities changed the rules and regulations of the games. Was staying The effect of this change was seen in the form of confusion in both the names.

As Reader’s Digest reports, soccer is known as the “Association of Football.”
It was known, but when its name was long, the people of England shortened its name to just ‘Association’.

During the Second World War, America had an impact on the people of Britain. When it became popular in America, later in England it was called Football instead of Association of Football. In this way, in England it was called football, but in America it was called soccer.

Apart from this, there is another reason as well. That is the media of America and Britain. The American media publicized it as soccer and the British media publicized it as football. In this way the same game came to be known by two different names.


Football and soccer are the same game, but Americans call football soccer, and association football is called ‘assoc’. ‘Assoc’ gradually transformed into ‘Soccer’. One reason for the change from ‘Assoc’ to Soccer was that Soccer was easier to speak.

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